Checklist for Starting a Cleaning Business

Starting your own cleaning business requires a lot of time, effort and physical endurance. In addition, your customers will want to know that your business is trustworthy and that they will find their clean and orderly spaces.

For general information on starting a business, please see our Business Start-Up Checklist organized by commercial cleaning services Melbourne.

  • Checklist for Starting a Business
    When you start your business, make sure you do not leave anything to chance. The following steps will facilitate your journey during the start-up stage of your business.

Buy an existing cleaning company or start your own business?

Starting a business from scratch can be a daunting challenge. It would therefore be useful to consider the benefits (and challenges) to buying an existing cleaning business or franchise.

  • Buy a business
    Learn what you need to know before buying a business: where to look, how to assess potential acquisitions and what constitutes a fair price.
  • Franchising
    Learn more about buying a franchise as an option when starting a business.

Get to know the industry of a cleaning company

Before you open your business, you will need to know who your competitors are and what demographics you have in your area. Are you trying to target seniors, young professionals or families to the busy schedule that work? Each of these factors will help you decide how and where you will target your clients. Use these resources to help you develop your knowledge and become an expert.

  • Demographics
    Find data that tells you about the characteristics of the population such as place, age, income and education, and more.
  • Association of Residential Cleaning Services International
    Get information and advice on networking to launch or grow your home cleaning business.

Creating Your Cleaning Business

Whether your company has 1 or 100 employees, you will need special skills to ensure the smooth running of your business. It is your responsibility to have a sound management of your time and finances, and to protect your business to keep it afloat. Communication skills will be essential to promote your business, and to attract and retain customers.

Will you establish a home business or open a commercial establishment? How do you plan to manage your supplier directory? Also, you will need a storage area large enough to store your equipment and cleaning supplies.

Given that cleaning services are done at your customers’ premises, will you provide a car to your employees to get there or will they have to take their own car? If you buy vehicles on behalf of your business, you can personalize them with graphics and advertise your business.

  • Choosing a location and layout
    Wondering where to set up your business and how to set it up when the time comes? So, evaluate your options. Commercial office cleaning melbourne is the best example in the field of office cleaning services. You can get guidelines to setup a company from this service.
  • Operational Planning
    Take action to increase productivity, improve quality, and manage your company’s day-to-day operations effectively.
  • Protect Your Business
    Your business is your most important investment. Learn about options that will help protect your business.

Comply with concierge or cleaning industry regulations

You will find that the cleaning services industry is subject to many regulations and security measures that are mandatory for anyone who wishes to operate this type of business. Choosing eco-friendly products can help reduce or avoid certain perfumes that may trigger medical problems related to allergies and asthma. Review these regulations and guidelines early in the planning process.

  • Permits and Licenses
    Find federal, provincial, territorial and municipal licenses and permits that you may need to start or run your business.
  • Workplace Hazardous Materials Information System
    Ensure safe handling of hazardous materials in your workplace. Learn how to use, store, handle, label and dispose of these materials.
  • Safety of Household Chemicals
    Learn about the safety of common chemicals you use in your cleaning business.
  • Facts About Household Cleaning Products in Canada
    Get information about household cleaners that are regulated in Canada (from the Canadian Consumer Specialty Products Association).