Mobility Company Cars for Disabled Employees

For many businesses in many industries, providing company cars is an absolute necessity. These automobiles can be used by the employee to travel to meet clients, for business purposes, training and even for advertising your business. If you have a member of staff that has a disability, you might find that making a Motability car available to them is a fantastic decision.

Exempt from Tax

Unlike company car benefits rules that are imposed when a vehicle is made available for private use, automobiles that are made available to disabled employees are exempt from tax in the following circumstances – it has been adapted to their needs, it is an automatic and if it is made available on terms that prohibit use of the vehicle other than for commuting and business travel.

Adapted Vehicles

The cars available from Motability can be adapted to suit an individual’s needs, allowing them to operate the automobile safely and with confidence. There are many fantastic adaptations that can be made, as well as wheelchair accessible vehicles (WAVs) which the wheelchair user can operate themselves.

Life Changing

If you have an employee that has a disability and struggles to get to and from work each day, a Mobility car could transform their lives by making their daily commute much easier. Unfortunately, many disabled individuals find it difficult to obtain and keep a job due to the unreliability and difficulty of using public transportation or having to rely on somebody else for a lift each day. This will not be an issue with one of these vehicles.

If they currently do not hold a license, there are specialist instructors who can teach people with a disability how to drive an adapted automobile. They will then need to pass the driving test where they will receive a license that authorises them to drive a vehicle of that type only.

Motability Scheme

The vehicle may also be used for business purposes as well as commuting, but you will not be exempt from tax if it is used privately. If the employee wants the automobile for other purposes, they can see if they qualify for the Motability Scheme, or hire or purchase one from a specialist supplier like Allied Mobility. It is vital that the right type of automobile is found, so it is always best to determine what the car is used for, how many passengers there will be etc., and then speak to a specialist.

A Mobility car could transform the life of any disabled employee that you have, plus it will be exempt from tax under certain conditions.