The Top Five Design Tips for a Brilliant Leaflet

A great marketing campaign can often decide the success of a company; when a new product or service is launched, it’s important to let as many people know about it as possible and to drum up the proper attention from the get-go. Ideally, your product or service is perceived as the greatest invention ever after sliced bread. The way you approach people will often decide its success or failure.

Marketing research concluded that direct mail, leaflets, and flyers are still the most effective ways to get your message across – despite newer and more modern forms of marketing, such as on digital platforms. Hence, it would be a shame not to use such great tools. Thinking about promoting your brand, product, service or event in a big way? Here are the top five design tips for a brilliant leaflet.

You, your audience, and the message

Before you begin, you should have a good understanding of your brand (and the image you are trying to project), your audience (what problems they have, what they relate to, how you can satisfy their needs), and the message that you want to impart. Write down your goals in simple and clear language – what do you hope to accomplish with the leaflet? This clarity of purpose will guide your design.

Organising space

When it comes to leaflet printing (and printing for other marketing materials, such as banner printing, business card printing, or brochure printing) the old saying of ‘less is more’ holds true, now more than ever. People are busy and don’t have time to read a large text – people need to be attracted to your leaflet immediately, and the message must be clear from the start. Organise your space well.

Pictures and graphics

A picture can capture an emotion or an event much better than words can, so feel free to use them. However, make sure your pictures are of good quality and that they are of high resolution that captures detail. Nothing is worse than unclear imagery or blurred print.

Keeping it clear

Be clear. Your message should be easily understood. Keep it short and powerful.

Call to action

Never forget to mention what you expect the reader to do. “Call us,” “Visit us,” “Get your free sample!”

Include a call to action.

Here’s another tip: do not save on money if the quality of your leaflet has to suffer as a result. The way your leaflet is designed and printed is a reflection of how much you are willing to do to drum up business; the reader will instinctively perceive the quality of your leaflet and associate it with your business, your brand, your product, service, or event. You want to make the best impact possible, and doing things right means ensuring quality all the way.