What to Do When Your Business Cannot Connect to the Internet

The internet changed the way that most companies do business. Even if you are a local company and market to customers in a 100-mile radius, you still need to use the web to help your business grow. An internet connection lets you post updates about your hours and services on your company’s website, create a blog with helpful information for customers, check in with your contacts and even order new supplies. If you have problems with your internet, you can take care of the problem and get back online quickly.

Check for Outages

Before unplugging all the computers and connections in your office, check for any outages. Most internet providers now have an online system that you can use. You simply enter the address of your company and check out a map that shows any internet outages reported. If you do not have this option, you can use the automated system. You usually need to enter either your phone number or your account number. The automated response system lets you know if there is an outage and when it will end without requiring that you speak with a representative.

Call Your Provider

If you have recurring issues with the internet going out in your office, it might be time to call your internet provider. The problem may occur because you signed up for a plan that cannot accommodate all your workers. When too many people try to go online at the same time, it can cause speeds to plummet and make it almost impossible for you to access a website. Your provider may discover that you have outdated equipment because you use the same hardware you started out with despite your business growing.

Turn to the Pros

When all else fails, turn to the pros for help. IT consulting companies can help you with all your computer problems and with any internet issues you might experience. As a small business owner, you may not have the funds in your budget to build an entire IT department from scratch, but you should have enough cash to pay for a consultation that looks at the overall needs of your office, your budget and the equipment you currently have to find a solution to your problem. You can get back on the internet fast and take care of your online business in hours or less.