Dividend stocks online Review

Dividend stocks online Review


Dividend Stocks Online is a great place to find fresh and regularly updated content to assist users in finding the top-performing dividend stocks in the market. The best part of this website is there is a lot of learning resource provided to people without any paid membership. If you are serious in upgrading your knowledge on dividend stocks and grow your money by investing in a dividend stock, then it could be the best place to start with. For people who need detailed information about dividend data, can also opt for their premium membership.

Dividend stocks online Review

How did it begin?

Dividend Stock Online was founded in 2008 to assist dividend investors in finding high yielding dividend stocks and get good remarkable returns.

Why should you choose Dividend Stock Online?

The thing that I liked most about Dividend Stocks Online is their simple and a clean user interface. This attribute makes their website a lot easier to navigate, and damn easy to locate a wide range of high dividend stocks. The 6 points used by this website to rank specific dividend stocks ​are five years of dividend growth rate, payout ratio, dividend yield, free cash flow, three-years of net income growth rate. This website also provides premium membership services at a nominal monthly fee. Using this service, they get access to added pre-analyzed high-dividend lists of stocks.

Here we have mentioned a few more distinctive features of this website that makes it the ideal place to park your money in dividend stocks.

Consistent progress

Since the year of its inception, Dividend stock Online has been consistently progressing in the market. Till date, this company boasts for having thousands of standard and premium subscribers. Their operational success contributes towards their speedy growth, with a huge number of referrals obtained every month.

Stay Updated

The stock market is highly volatile and sees several ups and downs in the performance of dividend stocks in a day. Thus, looking at this fluctuating nature of the stock market, it is very important to remain updated of the performance state of the dividend stock before you invest your money in it.

Dividend Stock Online is one of the best places where you can get detailed exposure to the performance of stocks, dividend news, and updates via email updates. By subscribing to their service, investors get access to a list of the fifty highest yielding dividend stocks that would greatly assist them in their stock buying decision.

Free Dividend Data

In this world, where hardly anything comes for free, Dividend Stock Online provides plenty of free investment tips and access to a list of dividend stock for free. All these lists are updated monthly based on dividend yield, monthly dividend-paying stocks, ex-dividend date, and stock sector.

Premium Data

If you find the free dividend data authentic and beneficial for you, then you can even upgrade your membership to Premium. By subscribing to the top dividend membership, you can get access to premium dividend data that include a lot more stuff than just yield-related information.

Dividend Stock Online uses its DSO rating system to allocate rank to dividend stocks for creating the best list of dividend stocks. This kind of rating system use dividend growth rate, dividend yield, payout ratio, stock performance, and net income growth rate to effectively analyze dividend-paying stocks.

Dividend stocks online Review

By subscribing for premium membership at Dividend Stock Online, you get to access any of the below categories of top dividend stocks.

  • High growth dividend stocks
  • High yield dividend stocks that provide yield ranging between 4% to 25%
  • Real Estate Investment Trusts that provides a yield of 2% or higher
  • High yielding stocks that come with Dividend Reinvestment scheme
  • Ex-Dividend dates that aim for high yielders
  • Dividend Screening function enables investors to search for their dividend stocks based on their criteria
  • Industry-wise listing of dividend stocks
  • Top hundred ranked dividend-paying stocks with our DSO rating
  • Safe Dividends that has consistently given good returns to investors for about twenty years
  • International Dividends that lists high yielding International non-US stocks
  • Monthly paying dividends that offer good dividends every month

Dividend Stocks by Industry

Dividend Stock Online analyzes more than a thousand stocks every month that shows an impressive dividend yield of two percent or more. Based on this analysis they assist dividend investors in the identification of the best stocks for them. The company categorizes these stocks into business-specific lists that make it easy to be browsed. Each list comprises of the five years of dividend growth rate, the three years of revenue growth rate, a yearly return, the DSO rating and the payout ratio.

High probability of good returns

Dividend Stock Online uses an effective DSO rating system that identifies the top dividend stocks on the basis on historical data of dividend stock.


Dividend Stocks Online has been in the stock market for more than ten years now. This is a huge indicator of the precision in making dividend stock prediction, trust bestowed by subscribers in their service and seriousness towards their business.


The longevity of the firm in dividend stock business clearly states that you are working with a trusted and dependable firm that is both legitimate and successful.

What do people like most about Dividend Stocks Online?

Dividend Stock Online provides a lot of knowledgeable material on dividend stocks on their home page. As an avid investor, you would appreciate the valuable performance insights, critical data about income sources, historical ratings and tax treatment.

This website has got a corporate feel that shows their professionalism, focused approach, and integrity towards their business. Their homepage clearly distinguishes free content from premium content, that makes it easy for users to access the information.

Their website provides numerable free resources, that includes lists of a rating system for a dividend stock, already screened high dividend-paying stocks, an informative newsletter, a premium membership to use their wide range of online tools. ​ The website has a dedicated section that provides historical dividend data to users. This makes it easy for them to view the past performance of any dividend stock easily.

Dividend stocks online Review: Conclusion

If you are looking to invest your hard-earned money in dividend stocks, then it requires an experienced and reliable dividend stock broking company by your side. With all these above reasons, I would suggest Dividend Stock Online to be the most authentic source to make your stock investment decisions.

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