Done Deal Website Review

Done Deal Website Review

Are you looking for a website that will service you by working as a real estate inventor website for you? This review identifies Done Deal Website as the right website that will actually cater for all these needs for you.

Nowadays, many people are investing their money in building real estates. Over almost a decade, the number of real estates have risen significantly. People have to move in to those estates so that business can take place.

For people to get to know more about the business, you will be required to advertise it and the best way you can do that is by creating a website where these people can actually refer to. Many reviews recommend other sites for this purpose but most of them will be of no help.

Done Deal Website Review

What is Done Deal Website?

Done Deal Website is a site that has been created to help real estate owners invent their own real estate websites that will be of help to the customers who would like to move in.

You creating a website for your real estate will prove to be of much help than you thought it would be. Successful real estate owners when sharing their business experience state how getting a website to their business was of real help to them.

Creating your real estate website will actually see your business grow to greater heights in no time. A real estate that actually has got a website proves that its customers can actually rely on it and trust the management.

It will not only design your site for the real understanding of real estate investing but also a good understanding from the seller’s perspective.

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This website proves to be reliable as its customers have left positive feedback and also the existence of it up to date proves that it is actually not a scam.

How does Done Deal Website work?

When inventing a website for your business, there are some features that some of us overlook but are put into consideration to the customers viewing the website. This awesome site will actually do the job for you and will create the best website for you.

For you to access these services, you will first have to subscribe to the main company website at a certain fee. Here you will find it designed to build credibility and also gives a professional look to you. This page will link you to all other pages on your site.

You will be provided with 10 landing pages for all kinds of leads that you might want to access.

You will be provided with 2 steps that will see you maximize your leads. They include;

  1. Acquiring the basic contact information- asks for a little information that is the basic contact information. This helps in cases where one will not be willing to give much information at the first time.

You will at least have a way of contacting them afterwards so as to get more information. You will also acquire an email with their information.

  1. Get to know the full details-asks for full details. Here they let the person know that it will be of help to them when they send more details so as to speed up this process.

When you fil out the form provided, you will also receive an email containing their details where you will tell how favorable the lead was.

This actually saves lots of time as there will be no need of getting the details on phone.

The fact that nowadays people use their mobile phones to conduct almost all their activities, they have made sure they come up with a website that will work and also look great in any device you will use.

They will also avail properties listings at the comfort of your home. You will have to just the potential buyers to the listings on your website.

Email marketing will be provided as a tool that you can use to automatically send emails to the new leads

How much the product does has to cost you?

We first begin with the subscription you will have to make when accessing the main website. For you to get the main company site plus the 10 landing pages offered, you will have to pay $28.60 a month for the services.

A pro plan will also be available and this can be accessed, with all the tools listed provided, at around $59.60 per month.

Does the program offer any guarantee?

The website provides a risk free case by providing a 30 day full money refund to those who might have a feeling that it might not been of help to them.

You will receive a full money refund and no hard feelings will actually be expressed. You will therefore get no excuse for you not buying this product and trying it out.

Where you can buy Done Deal Website?

Done Deal Website is available on the official website,

Bottom Line

Upcoming real estates need to be well advertised and also maintained for customers to notice them and consider moving in. the best way to do this is by creating a website. Most of us do not know how to go about with that.

With the help of Done Deal Website, this is possible at the comfort of your home. They will actually do the work for you and you will see your business grow.


• It is mobile friendly as its features have actually been made in a way that they can be easily accessed in any kind of device.

• It provides 10 landing pages that contain information on all kinds of leads that might be of help to you.

• It provides a 30 day money back guarantee to those who feel like the product has not been of any help to them.

• The site has been dominant in the world market and has proved to be reliable with a lot of positive feedback given back.

• Contains email marketing, a tool that will be of use when automatically sending emails to new leads.


• Some customers might be looking for some key features in the real estates that might not be present in the website.

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