Forex Diamond Review

Forex Diamond Review

Are you engaged in the foreign market maybe? If yes, then this word, forex, is not in any way a new word to you. Basically forex trading deals with the trade in the foreign market.

Knowing what forex trading is, let the review give you an introduction into what Forex Diamond is. You might have realized that majority of the reviews will not go as far as giving you an introduction into the subject matter.

In such, if perhaps you are a newbie in the forex market, you end up not getting fully what to expect from the program.

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About The Product: Forex Diamond

When we talk about Forex Diamond, what we are making reference to is a software that is completely automated for Forex trading. This type of software is designed in such a way that it trades 4 pairs of forex which are; *EUR-USD *USD-JPY *GBP-USD *USD-CHF in M15 Chart.

Forex Diamond trades at any market conditions through the offering of a self-adaption without settings that are manual and also a number of automated filters for protection to the account of the trader.

This Forex robot programming was done by a team known as WallStreet Forex in the year 2003.

For the proper working of the Expert Advisor, the minimum configuration includes a 1.5 GHz CPU PC, RAM of 1 GB and above, Vista, Operating System XP, Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10.

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Does The Program Really Work?

Expert Advisor is at the top of the world when it comes to a trading system that is complete having combinations of trend and anti-trend principles that are unique, a constraint design, finance administration and implementation of quick trade.

With this, you can actually see for yourself why EA is certified and given a consideration by the creators of WallStreet Forex Robot. It comprises of 3 classifications of trading that are independent and makes a contribution to a sense of trading that is vibrant having calculations that update on their very own.

It also offers regularity in trading that is soaring and lowest optimization when compared to the professional consultants you know of.

Regarding protection, you are going to be provided with a defense that is top slippage and towers security that multiply and fortification structure for revenue. You realize that something like this was unheard of before coming of the Forex robots.

The unique system for protection goes by the name 40+ recovery factor.

40+ Recovery Factor

The possibility of earning more and more incase loss occurs is determined by none other than the Recovery Factor. Simply put, this is an equalizing tool of the pip net profit through the division by pip drawdown.

The consideration has been that EA is able to cover 40 times more profit as compared to its loss. What does that mean? It implies that mending factor here is 40 hence the fancy name 40+ Recovery Factor. Is that not awesome?

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You can be able to make use of EA independently through simply choa pair and making a combination of all. This will result in tremendous variations with transaction size, market factors, risk chances and overall strategy kept in mind.

High Protection from Slippage

The greatest factor in the plummeting of profit is none other than Slippage. As a result, EA is unable to do calculation and tell before-hand the result at the proper time. This usually occurs at times of market turnarounds and unfavorable trading.

This is where EA comes in handy. It will minimize the occurrence through the implementation of trade at a time that is right.

Spread Protection

In a market that cannot be predicted, a spread trading that is decent can get lost or encounter loss incase EA fails to execute quickly or on time the trade. An intervention into the scenario is made by Forex Diamond EA and calculations of opportunities to trade are made dynamically and executed.

From this, you are gaining more and increase from a prospect of Spread is locked.

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Protection Of Profit

With Forex Diamond EA, the greatest protection level is becomes easy. This is through the merging of soaring slippage protection together with trading judgement that is unique, spread protection, ample in covering the security that is preferred.


The market is dynamic and control of fluctuations are made by Forex Diamond EA since its updates are automatic and give accommodation to the changes.

Parameters of Forex Diamond

Forex Diamond has been design such that it is able to recognize automatically if a Forex broker is offering trade in 4 or 5 figures and does not necessitate any manual settings by the traders. There are some settings of the EA that are very important and they include the following;

Basic settings of forex diamond.

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  • Backtest_GMT_Offset: this is of importance in back-testing the Expert Advisor.
  • UserCustomPair: when you change this parameter to TRUE, the traders are able to use Forex Diamond on any pair of Forex even beyond the 4 pairs of currency that are supported.
  • MaxSpread: it does the setting for maximum spread allowed for the Expert Advisor to trade.
  • Slippage: it does setting of maximum slippage allowed for the Expert Advisor to trade.
  • StealthMode: in the mode, the orders to take profit and stop-loss can be made invisible to the Forex broker.
  • No_Hedge: if it is TRUE, cancellation of the hedge trades are made.
  • Max_Orders_Total: this gives a definition of maximum open trade’s number that are permitted at the same instance.
  • RecoveryMode_1(2,3): if TRUE, the Forex Diamond then tries to make recovery of the current drawdown through smooth increase of trading volumes.
  • ExecuteOnEveryTick: EA has been programmed to make calculations of signals in the basis of a minute bar. When TRUE, the parameter allows calculation of signal and execution upon each tick.
  • ReverseProfit: this implies that a least pips profit whereby position is going to be closed if an indication of price reversal is made. Worth noting here is that the ReverseProfit value which is default for the Expert Advisor is zero.
  • Use_Trend_Filter: if this is TRUE, it is possible for the trend filter to increase Profit Factor. This increase is at the expense of frequency of trading.
  • Trend_Strength: the least distance from the price to the indicator of trend, lower than which no trade can be taken.
  • MondayStartHour: Expert Advisor will beginning to open positions when this hour passes on Mondays.
  • FridayExit: if this is TRUE, it will limit trading of Forex Diamonds on Fridays.
  • ExitHour: closing of all the positions by Expert Advisor is done at this time on Fridays.

Where you can buy Forex Diamond?

Forex Diamond is available on the official website,

Final Verdict

With Forex Diamond, you can be able to set it up in just a couple of minutes. The setup is made further simpler by the instruction manual available that is easy to follow and begin your earning of profits in the right auto-piloted way. No interventions on the users’ part are required further saving the time and stress you would have to go through in the manual trading. This is definitely not a scam as you may realize by the numerous positive reviews it continues to receive and as such you should buy it.


• Optimization of Forex Diamond can be done completely automatically not necessitating manual settings.

• Forex Diamond has the ability to do trade at any condition of the market.

• You can be able to start your trading with as low as 100 USD though the amount that is recommended by the programmers is 1,000 USD.

• Protection is offered by Forex Diamond from the high spread as well as high slippage.

• A special algorithm is incorporated in the Forex Diamond that enables trade in markets that are very volatile.

• On average, the Forex Diamond is able to perform 3 trades in a given day.

• The program comes along with a 60 day money back guarantee. As such, you can always return it and be refunded the money used to buy it.


• Forex Diamond may prove to be rather costly.

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