Freight Broker Profits Review

Freight Broker Profits Review

Freight Broker Profits in an online program that serves as a bridge between with products to transport with the carrier having the capacity to carry the freight. It helps shippers in moving freight from one point to another by finding a carrier who can potentially haul the freight and considerable charges compared to what a shipper intends to pay them. 

This explains the meaning of the term broker in this context. That means brokers usually earn something between $100 to $500 in every shipment but the shipper makes up to $5,175 in every shipment for simply finding a truck to haul freight!

About The Author

The program is a creation of Dennis Brown, once a CEO of Logistic Dynamics, Inc. (LDi), one of the fastest growing logistics entities in North America.

The entity was established back in 2003 as a one-man organization that lacked industrial experience then.

By 2015, the company had made more than $80m sales but then he sold it for other investments.

He then founded where he is completely devoted to training freight brokers. These followed unending requests made from the year 2009. 

He opted to design and provide an all-inclusive but affordable training to freighters through Over time, he has trained thousands of individuals with the desire to be freight agents through this program.

What You Will Learn From The Program

  • You will be taught your role as either a broker or an agent.
  • Learn how to lessen or prevent needless startup costs
  • Applying for a freight broker license can be challenging sometimes. Learn how to go about that easily in this program.
  • Learn how to obtain your freight broker bond or trust.
  • There are some specific tools you will be expected to operate as either a broker or an agent. You will learn about them in the program.
  • Learn the benefits and challenges associated with factoring invoices.
  • It might be challenging to get clients because the market is so competitive. In this program, you will learn how to get and connect shippers.
  • Learn how to analyze business credits, not only yours but also for the clients.
  • It is also important that you develop the necessary skills of finding and talking with carriers. You will be taught this in the program.
  • Did you know there is a significant difference between co-brokering and double-brokering? Learn that in the course of the training.
  • You will learn how to dispatch and keep track of your freight.
  • Learn how you cost-effectively establish your home office with limited time.
  • How to effectively make use of loads boards.
  • Learn you can easily contextualize and easily understand rates
  • You will be taught appropriate selling and negotiating approaches and techniques
  • You will also learn how to participate in niche markets such as automobile transport and dump trucks.
  • Learn how to begin shipping for the Dept of Defense (DOD)
  • You can make more money by adding independent freight agents. You will learn how to do that in this program.
  • You will be taught proven strategies that can help you make profits quickly.

The program uses some short and simple video clips to train individuals. The entire training is designed in a very simple way that any person can follow and turn out to become a great freight broker or agent. There is much more than you are going to learn from this program.

Bonuses Included In The Package

If you subscribe to the program, there are some bonuses that you will enjoy. The following is a brief overview of each one of them:

BONUS #1 – Five artistically engineered website templates

This is meant to augment the marketing of your business through the internet.

BONUS #2 – Fuel Surcharge Generator

This will help you compute fuel surcharge rates quickly.

BONUS #3 – Contract Generator

The bonus will help you professional and personalized contracts

BONUS #4 – Sample Freight Broker Business Plan

This one will help you plan effectively

BONUS #5 – FREE Ebook “Think and Grow Rich”

Learn how to tap into the millionaire mindset in this bonus book.

Advantages Of Freight Broker Profits

  • Easy access. This is an online training that can be accessed anytime. All you need is a good internet connection with a good device such as a computer. You can access it anywhere and anytime. You do not need any other thing to access the training.
  • You will benefit from video enhanced tutorials. This videos significantly simplify learning.
  • It features a lot of graphics workflow diagrams. These visual aids facilitate learning.
  • You will gain a lot from intuitive financial strategies. These approaches will help you make significant profits by taping the power of other individuals’ money.
  • You will be a very creative negotiator we can easily recover profits from the daily needs of individuals you conduct business with.
  • The program is suitable for everyone irrespective of their business knowledge.
  • It is cheap and will only take a short term and you will be an established freight broker.

Disadvantages Of Freight Broker Profits

  • There is no 100% guarantee that it will work for you. Other circumstances may be out of your control.
  • You will be required to implement all the things taught for it to work.
  • The training is provided online only and this limits access to others who for some reasons cannot access the internet.
  • It appears so easy and this raises doubts on whether it actually works.

The Bottom Line

Freight Broker Profits is an online training that is easy and convincing. The author is a very successful person who has been in the field for so long. It is reasonably priced and designed in a simple way that anyone can benefit from it. There are so many positive reviews from individuals who have benefited from it in different parts of the world. Give it a try!

Freight Broker Profits
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